'Yes, It's Stressful': Government Workers Frustrated by Shutdown

The federal prison in Devens, Massachusetts, provides medical care to inmates from all over the country. Nearly 500 people work there.

It’s a dangerous occupation, and right now, none of the workers are getting paid.

“This is the third shutdown I’ve been involved with. Two of them affected our pay, and yes, it’s stressful,” said David Martinez, a federal prison employee and union president.

Rep. Lori Trahan, the newest member of the state’s Congressional delegation, met Friday afternoon with union representatives from the prison. She says President Donald Trump should put an end the shutdown and stop using his demand for a border wall as a negotiating chip.

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“In my mind, this is not a question of compromising,” she said. “This is about doing everything we can to open the government.”

Federal workers gathered at Logan Airport Friday morning, as well, demanding the government be reopened. Members of the TSA and air traffic controllers are working without paychecks. They say it creates a dangerous situation.

“Democrat or Republican, everyone wants to be safe when they fly, and that’s what we’re concerned about. We need these people to be getting a paycheck that they’re earning,” said Matthew Morgan, an air traffic controller at Boston Tower.

Sen. Ed Markey says Democrats in Congress need to remain united in their opposition to the president’s plans for a border wall.

“If we give in now, he will shut down the government over and over and over again, on every and any issue,” Markey said.

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