Woman Finds Blood Stains and Used Needle in Rental Car


A woman found a used needle and blood stains in her rental car on Friday.

A woman found a used needle and blood stains in her rental car on Friday.

Carol Groomes couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the door of her Cadillac rental car from the Randolph, Massachusetts, Enterprise on Friday morning and found blood stained seats.

“We could see blood splat. It looked like dry blood all over the vehicle,” Groomes said.

And the blood wasn’t the end of it.

“I pushed the seat back, and when it reclined all the way back, there was a needle right under the seat,” Groomes said.

The needle, and the blood, were too much for her.

“I lost it because I ended up having a doctors appointment later that day and they told me my blood pressure was 150 over 105,” she said.

Her 22-year-old daughter was sitting in the passenger seat when she made the discovery, and she was just as angry as her mom.

“She was screaming and that’s when I told her not to move because something could be in the seat as well,” Groomes said.

NBC10 reached out to Enterprise to get their side of the story.

“In this case, an insulin needle was left behind during a previous rental, and we inadvertently missed it during the cleaning process. We believe the marks and small stains identified by this latest customer are actually normal wear-and-tear,” the company said.

Groomes was not too happy with the car rental company’s response.

“I could’ve been sick. I could’ve got stuck with the needle. Anybody else could’ve got stuck. Could’ve had a small child in the car not knowing. There was dry blood. There was no way they could’ve missed that.”

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