Kidnapping Suspect Due in Court, Woman Back at Family Home

The suspect who was arrested in connection to the disappearance of a Boston woman who was found alive is due in court today.

Victor Pena, 38, of Charlestown, is set to be arraigned Wednesday morning in Charlestown District Court on a kidnapping charge. He was arrested Tuesday after authorities found 23-year-old Olivia Ambrose alive at a housing project in the city’s Charlestown neighborhood. She had last been seen leaving a bar Saturday night.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said Pena could face additional charges pending an interview with Ambrose and further investigation.

Ambrose returned Tuesday night to her family home in Wenham, Massachusetts, after she was evaluated at an area hospital.

Family and Friends Relieved Olivia Ambrose Found Alive

[NECN] Family and Friends Relieved Olivia Ambrose Found Alive

“She’s very strong,” Heather Ambrose, Olivia’s mother, told NBC10 Boston. “It’s going to be a process, but she’s OK.”

Earlier Tuesday, investigators had released two surveillance images of a person of interest wanted in connection with Ambrose’s disappearance in addition to a timeline of when she had been last seen in a bar on Union Street and when she was last caught on surveillance video in Charlestown hours before she was found alive.

“Through various camera systems in and around Congress Street, we were able to ascertain that the victim was seen walking on Congress Street, where she was later engaged by two males,” Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said.

One of those men was identified as Pena. Gross said surveillance footage showed him “physically guiding and holding onto” Ambrose.

“It’s obvious from the video surveillance that she did not go along willingly,” Gross said.

“Completely terrifying,” Heather Ambrose said of the ordeal. “You sort of go into a numbness, and you sort of just get through what you have to get through, but we’re through it, and we’re grateful, and we know that many times, the outcome isn’t this.”

Suspect Charged With Kidnapping of Boston Woman

[NECN] Suspect Charged With Kidnapping of Boston Woman

“We’ve all been so worried,” said Abbey Wells, who works with Ambrose’s sister. “When they broke the news to us that she’d been found and that she was alive, we all broke down crying, hugging. It’s just such a relief, I can’t even put into words.”

Wells delivered food to Ambrose’s family Tuesday evening in Wenham.

“It sounds awful, but I hadn’t even considered that she would be OK,” said Wells. “It was just to the point where, like, you’ve seen so many crime dramas, and you just are like, ‘Gone this long, there’s no way.’ But it’s a miracle. Really, honestly a miracle.”

She’s not the only one who thought there could be a tragic outcome.

“I think we all had that in the back of our minds and are very happy that it has this ending,” said a neighbor of the Ambrose family.

“The Ambrose family is so grateful for the monumental efforts of the Boston Police Department and the MBTA and Transit police who have worked tirelessly over the last three days to bring Olivia home,” a spokesperson for the family said in a statement. “The Ambrose family is also so appreciative of all the efforts, prayers and good wishes of their friends, family and complete strangers who have helped in the efforts to find Olivia.”

BPD Announces Arrest of Suspect After Missing Woman Found Alive

[NECN] BPD Announces Arrest of Suspect After Missing Woman Found Alive

Police and her family said Ambrose was at Hennessy’s near Faneuil Hall with her twin sister and friends when she was seen leaving the bar on Saturday.

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