FIRST ALERT: Snow, Rain May Impact Tuesday AM Commute

Our NBC10 Boston and necn Weather Team has issued our first-ever “First Alert” in our 10-day forecast for this coming Tuesday.

The concern for Tuesday is the potential of enough rain and snow to impact our commutes and our lives, most likely starting Monday night and continuing into Tuesday. At this early juncture, though our exclusive NBC10 Forecast System is predicting generally 1 to 3 inches of snow before changing to rain, pinpointing exactly how much snow and rain is still difficult.

So why the First Alert, and what does this mean?

Friday launched NBC10 Boston and necn’s new First Alert Weather campaign. For years, you’ve known us as Early Warning Weather and while our change to “First Alert” may seem little more than semantics at first blush, it does represent a meaningful step up in our forecast delivery.

For the past five years, our weather team has offered New England’s first – and still Boston’s only – broadcast television 10-day forecast. Over that time, we’ve not only brought together New England’s largest weather team of eight broadcast meteorologists, but we’ve also added the power of our exclusive, built-in-house forecast system, our exclusive Weather Underground observing network and first-of-its-kind Storm Ranger mobile Doppler radar.

As a result, you’ve come to expect accuracy and reliability, even from a product that reaches farther out than anyone else, and we consider that expectation and trust an honor and a responsibility. The launch of First Alert Weather marks our commitment to indicate clearly when impactful weather is on the 10-day forecast: significant snow and/or rain, damaging wind, severe thunderstorms, searing heat or blistering cold – you’ll not only see it in our 10-day forecast, but also clearly see the First Alert stamp on the forecast day, making it quick, easy and clear to know what days to watch out for.

So, look for the First Alert stamp on our 10-day forecast going forward on both NBC10 Boston and necn.

On NBC10 Boston, this stamp is an indication that our team, the first to predict to 10 days in every newscast on air, also wants to be sure we are the first to alert you when weather may be impactful.

There WILL, undoubtedly, be times we raise a red flag, then are able to pull it down if a storm chance diminishes. Similarly, there will be times we near a storm and realize it will have more impact than originally anticipated from days out, so First Alert isn’t meant to be a hard-and-fast, unchangeable alert – rather, it’s our commitment to you that we’re always considering how the weather will impact your life – our lives – and working hard to help us all plan around the big weather days.

We hope you enjoy First Alert Weather, and keep an eye on that Monday night to Tuesday storm! Again, as of our Friday First Alert issuance, it’s looking like a burst of snow that would change to rain, but very well may slow the morning commute in particular on Tuesday, and as you can see on our 10-day forecast, our exclusive NBC10 Forecast System has at least a 70 percent chance of some impact Tuesday. We’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

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