Exceptionally Dry Air Over New England Battles Snow Chance

Exceptionally dry air has settled into New England – a polar shot from Canada that will hold temperatures in the 20s through the weekend. Wind chill values will not be exceeding the teens at the warmest time of day Friday and Saturday, and subzero Friday night.

Perhaps the biggest impact on New Englanders will be the dry nature of this weekend air, with moisture content so low our bodies are subject to dehydration.

Headaches are a common signal your body may need more water. Dry skin, chapped lips and static electric shocks will be common this weekend thanks to the dry air, as well.

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One benefit of such dry air for those looking to avoid a snowstorm is the snow moving through the Central and Eastern United States will need to move around the periphery of our dry air. It will be missing New England entirely, save perhaps for a Sunday night flurry on Nantucket.

Once that Sunday storm rolls out into the Atlantic, no formidable storm chance returns until all the way at the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast…next weekend!

We’ll remain cool, but not exceptionally cold, next week as wintry air maintains a hold on New England with the next storm chance appearing toward the end of the forecast next weekend.

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