Big Y to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bags in 2020

The end is coming for single-use plastic bags at Big Y supermarkets.

The company released a statement Tuesday that says it plans to eliminate the single-use bags from checkouts at its 70 supermarkets and specialty stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The company said it has been complying with bans on single-use plastic bags in six Massachusetts communities and that led to evaluating a possible ban chain-wide. The goal now is to make the shift to reusable bags.

Big Y estimates it uses 100 million plastic bags and 3.5 million paper bags each year and said paper bags aren’t the answer because of increased greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

“Single use plastic bags can no longer be viewed as a long term solution for our stores. Our customers and the communities we serve have made it quite clear that they prefer more environmentally friendly alternatives. We look forward to implementing this new program in all of our retail locations, ” Richard Bossie, Big Y vice president of store operations, said in a statement.

Big Y said plans to offer discounted pricing and promotions on reusable bags throughout 2019.

The company has 81 locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut including 70 supermarkets, 39 pharmacies, Fresh Acres Market, Table & Vine Fine Wines and Liquors and 9 Big Y Express gas and convenience locations.

California became the first state in the country to ban single-use plastic bags. The law was signed in 2014. 

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