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Why One Maine School is Holding Onto a Decaying, 43-Year-Old Twinkie

Deep in the heart of Maine exists a decades-old Twinkie, all part of an experiment started by a now-retired teacher.

According to News Center Maine, Roger Bennatti, a science teacher at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill, Maine, opened up a Twinkie in 1976 as part of a lesson about food additives and preservatives. The goal was to find out how long a Twinkie could last. Forty-three years later, Bennatti is still waiting for his answer.

The decaying dessert treat is now kept in the office of a former student who serves as the assistant head of school.

“The Twinkie has become much like me,” Bennatti told News Center Maine. “It’s older, it’s grayer and it’s more flaky.”

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