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Police: Woman Assaulted by Cambridge Teen on Bike

Cambridge police have arrested the 16-year-old that allegedly assaulted a woman while on his bike in Kendall Square late Saturday night.

Around 10:45, a 30-year-old Cambridge woman was found on the Loughery Walkway bleeding from her head, according to police. She told officers that she was walking and talking on the phone when she was hit in the head by a man on a bicycle. That person then got away with her purse down the walkway toward Kendall Square.

Police found “useful video surveillance” at a nearby business, and began to search for the suspect. A teenaged boy wearing clothing that matched the suspect in the video was stopped by a Cambridge police officer on Fifth Street, according to officials. A bike that matched the one in the video was found in the yard of the teenager’s apartment, and the victim’s property was found in a trash barrel nearby, police said. 

The teenager was found with a knife, and was charged with possession of a deadly weapon, according to police. 

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The woman was brought to a local hospital with a severe cut over her eye.

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